Resident FAQs

How can I get someone's name off of my lease (roommate that moved out, relationship splitting up)?
You will need to contact your property manager to see if one of the parties can be let off the lease. The parties remaining in the property will need to meet the qualifying standards on their own, and all parties will need to sign an addendum to the lease.

How do I add someone to my lease?
After asking your property manager for approval to add another party, the new tenant will need to fill out and turn in an application and application fee ($40 cashier’s check or money order), and if the new tenant is approved, the original tenants and all parties will need to sign an addendum to the lease.

How do I give notice that I am moving out?
You must put your notice to vacate, including your name, current address, forwarding address and date you are moving, in writing and turn it in to our office. Notice must be received 20 days from the end of the rental period, which is always the end of the month. If you are currently in a lease which has not yet expired, written notice will not release you from the terms of your lease.

How do I request maintenance or a repair for my home?

All maintenance requests must be made in writing. You can visit our office in person and fill out a Maintenance Request Form, mail or drop off a letter with your name, address, maintenance request and the best number to contact you at, or fill out the Maintenance Request Form on our website.

How long do the owners have to start making the repairs after I request them?
After giving notice, you must wait the required time for the owner to begin the process of making repairs. Beginning the process does not necessarily mean completing the process. The waiting times required by law are:
-24 hours for no hot or cold water, heat, or electricity, or for a condition which is imminently hazardous to life
- 72 hours for repair of refrigerator, range and oven, or a major plumbing fixture supplied by the landlord
- 10 days for all other repairs.

What happens if my rent check bounces?
You will immediately be assessed a Non-Sufficient Funds Fee, the exact amount of which can be found on your lease. You will be contacted to make payment arrangements. After bouncing a personal check, all future payments must be made with secured funds (cashier’s check or money order).

What is my deposit used for?
You will fill out a property condition report upon moving in to the property. When you move out, that condition report will be used to determine if you have caused any additional damage. The cost to clean and restore the property back to its original condition will come out of your security deposit, along with any outstanding rent, late fees, legal fees or tenant-caused repair costs accrued during occupancy.

What maintenance is the landlord's responsibility?
For a list of a landlord’s responsibilities, please check Washington State’s Landlord Tenant law at

When do I get my deposit back when I move out?

Your deposit accounting statement will be mailed to you 21 days, at the very most, after you have turned in your keys. Please make sure to provide our office with a forwarding address.

When is rent due?
For the majority of Bell-Anderson’s leases, rent is due on or before the first of the month. There is a grace period until the 5th of the month at 5pm. Rent has to physically be in our office by 5pm on the 5th. If for some reason your rent has been delayed by the mail, you will still be assessed a late fee. If your lease was transferred from another company, you may have a different late fee. In all cases, your signed copy of the lease states the due date you will be held to.

Where and how can I pay rent?
Rent is accepted in the following forms: personal check, cashier’s check, or money order. No cash or third party checks will be accepted.

Online payments can be made on this page:

You are also welcome to sign up for direct rent withdrawals. Please contact your property manager to get a direct withdrawal authorization form.

If you would like to pay your rent in person, you can stop by our office located at 10615 SE 256th St Suite 201 in Kent during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5pm, closed for lunch from 12-1pm).

Rent can also be sent via mail to PO Box 5640, Kent, WA 98064-5640. Note: Rent has to physically be in our office by 5pm on the 5th. If for some reason your rent has been delayed by the mail, you will still be assessed a late fee. We suggest if you are mailing it to mail to give yourself several extra days to account for mailing delays.

Why should I rent from your company?
We are a professional, knowledgeable, and courteous property management company. We work very hard to provide the highest quality resident services you'll ever experience.

  1. We use professional vendors (painters, handymen, plumbers, carpet cleaners, etc) to ensure that your unit is in good condition. We inspect the work performed to ensure that everything is ready before you move in.
  2. We are available 24 hours a day to handle emergency maintenance repairs.
  3. We provide detailed Move-in and Move-out Inventory forms for proper documentation of the condition of your rental.
  4. All deposits that are retained by us are kept in a FDIC insured bank.
  5. When you sign your lease, you have a meeting with your property manager to go over all parts of the lease to help ensure that everyone is aware of their responsibilities under the lease.
  6. All our property managers are licensed real estate professionals according to state requirements.