Occupancy Standards for Residential Applications

It is Bell-Anderson and Associates policy to actively pursue and offer equal housing for all persons regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status, disability or any other federal, state and local laws regarding fair housing.

* All applicants are required to meet the following Occupancy Standards:

  • Policies:
    1. All persons leasing an apartment, condo, or single-family residence must be of legal age - 18 years or older - to sign a contract.
    2. Provide photo copy of picture ID for each person 18 years and older.
    3. Incomplete applications, lies & omissions on application are grounds for denial
    4. Bell-Anderson DOES NOT accept portable screening reports.
    5. If you are applying with a pet or assistance animal accommodation, you are also required to complete a PetScreening application at https://bell-andersonandassociatesamo.petscreening.com/.

  • Income Requirements: - The gross income to rent ratio to qualify is 3 to 1.
    1. Applicants must have current, consistent and verifiable employment of at least 6 months. Please provide copies of at least 3 current, consecutive pay stubs.
      • Employment of less than 6 months may be considered if it is the same position/capacity and in the same industry as previously employed.
    2. Self-employed applicants must provide previous 2 years tax statements and previous 3 months company bank statements.
    3. Retired applicants must provide previous 3 months bank statements indicating their monthly direct deposit OR, provide documentation indicating monthly income, i.e. government letter of social security, disability, or retirement income.
    4. College students without current income may be considered with a qualified co-signer and proof of full-time enrollment.
    5. maximum of 2 individual incomes may be combined to meet the income requirements.

  • Verifiable Residency - Applicants must have 6 months with good payment and rental history:
    1. Recent college graduates may qualify without rental history only if all other criteria are met.
    2. Relatives and friends are not acceptable rental references.
    3. Daytime phone numbers are required for rental references.
    4. If you do not have landlord references but have sold your home, provide a copy of the settlement paperwork. If you own a house that you are now renting, provide a copy of the lease agreement and your property manager’s contact information.
    5. Should the credit report come back with an “Address Discrepancy,” applicants must provide proof of their current address. Acceptable forms of proof include: driver's license or valid state ID, current lease or mortgage statement, home utility or insurance bill, or a pay stub dated within the past 30 days

  • Credit Check - All applicants must have a favorable credit rating for the past two years.
    1. Credit must be at least 60% positive overall.
    2. Applicants will not be accepted for the following derogatory credit records:
    3. Eviction and/or moneys owed to an apartment or landlord.
    4. Bankruptcies must be discharged 2 years prior to application as verified on the credit report.

  • Criminal Background Check - Applicants applying for a property located within the Seattle city limits will not be screened for criminal history.
    1. Applicants will be denied if they have been convicted of a sex crime and are subject to a lifetime registration requirement.
    2. Applicants will be denied if they have been convicted of the manufacturing or production of a controlled substance.
    3. Applicants may be denied if they have been convicted of drug-related or violent criminal activities within the past 3 years.


    1. $40.00 Money Order or Cashiers Check only, made payable to Green River Credit foreach hard copy application or
      $45.00 credit card payment for online applications.
    2. Any persons age 18 or older are considered individual applicants and must pay a separate application fee (i.e. spouses, co-signers, roommates or family members). No cash or personal checks will be accepted.

    Application Acceptance

    Upon acceptance of application, a holding fee is required to hold the property until move-in. This holding fee is non-refundable should the applicant decide not to rent the property. Holding fee payment must be a money order or cashiers check only, made payable to Bell-Anderson and provided within 48 hours after notification of approved application.


    Approved residents will be required to provide proof of renter’s insurance for the property with Bell-Anderson listed as “Additional Interest” PRIOR to signing the lease.

    Applying Before Seeing the Property - If Applicable:

    If you submit an application without taking the opportunity to physically visit and visually inspect the property, please understand that there are inherent risks and possible misunderstandings in leasing and occupying a residential unit “sight unseen,” and the application fee will not be refunded should such misunderstanding occur.

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