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What is Included in Property Management Fees in Kent, WA?

Bell Anderson - Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Associations often want to know about property management fees when they’re talking to us. A common question is - how much do we cost and what is included in that management fee? Today, we’re talking a little bit about what you can expect and what kind of factors go into the amount you pay for the professional management of your homeowner’s association or condo association.

Property Management Kent: Services

When you have a professional property management company working with your association, you can expect a long list of services to be provided. You’ll receive detailed and transparent accounting services, board meeting participation, budget preparation, attention to compliance issues, walk-throughs, and assessments. Property managers will also serve as a liaison between your board and the homeowners in the community. These are the things you can expect from a professional management company working with your HOA or condo association.

Kent Property Management Fee Structure

Another common question is – how much do you charge? Property management fees for homeowner’s associations and condo associations depend on several factors. The management fee is based on the size of the community, the location of the community, and whether there are any major issues going on within the community. We also have to consider any pending litigation, any special assessments, the age of the building, and the amount of staff time that will be required in order for you to really benefit from our services. 

Your management fee will depend on all of these factors, and with all the services you receive, the value will be more important than the cost. 

If you’d like more information about the services we can provide, or if you’d like to discuss the costs that would be specific to your community, please contact us at Bell-Anderson & Associates. We’d be happy to tell you more about our experience providing Kent property management for HOAs and condo associations like yours.

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