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Very Hot Weather Expected This Week

Bell Anderson - Tuesday, August 01, 2017
An Excessive Heat Warning is in effect for Tuesday through Friday for our area
Courtesy of the City of Maple Valley (click here for original article)

A gradual warming trend will begin today and peak Thursday. Our area may reach the lower 90's on Tuesday. On Wednesday and Thursday, much of the interior from the Greater Puget Sound region southward will be in the 90's. Some locations on Thursday could reach the 100-105 degree range. Friday should be a little cooler but with highs still in the 90's

Thursday could be the hottest day in Western Washington since July 29th, 2009. High-temperature records will fall in some locations, especially Wednesday and Thursday. Please keep this in mind when you are outside, when outside temperatures are very high, the danger for heat-related illnesses rises. People's bodies are not able to cool themselves quickly enough, and they overheat. Please stay safe. A few tips from the King County Health Department are listed below:

Stay cool
  • Spend more time in air conditioned places. If you don't have air conditioning, consider visiting a mall, movie theater or other cool public places.
  • Cover windows that receive morning or afternoon sun.
  • Dress in lightweight clothing.
  • Take a cool shower or bath, or place cool washcloths on your skin.
  • Check up on your elderly neighbors and relatives to take these precautions too.

Drink liquids
  • Drink plenty of water. Avoid drinks with caffeine, alcohol and large amounts of sugar because they can actually dehydrate your body.
  • Have a beverage with you at all times, and sip or drink frequently. Don't wait until you're thirsty to drink.

If you go outside
  • Limit the time you're in direct sunlight.
  • Do not leave infants, children, people with mobility challenges and pets in a parked car, even with the window rolled down.
  • Avoid or reduce doing activities that are tiring, or take a lot of energy.
  • Do outdoor activities in the cooler morning and evening hours.
  • Avoid sunburn. Use a sunscreen lotion with a high SPF (sun protection factor) rating.


Bell Anderson - Friday, April 21, 2017

Reposted from the Maple Valley Police Department's Neighborhood Watch Newsletter

 “U Text, U Drive, U Pay” is the message the Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC) is sending to distracted drivers in April as part of “Distracted Driving Awareness Month.”  Drivers using cell phones behind the wheel are not only at a higher risk for a crash, during April they face a greater chance they will be ticketed for their risky behavior.  Nearly 150 law enforcement agencies around the state are adding patrols looking specifically for those distracted by cell phones while operating their vehicles. 

“This show of force calls attention to the public safety threat posed by drivers being distracted by texting or talking on their phones,” said Angie Ward, program manager at WTSC, who is funding the patrols.  “We want drivers to understand that you can operate a car.  Or you can operate your phone.  But you can’t be safe and do both at once.” 

Statewide, nearly 150 law enforcement agencies (sheriff’s offices, police departments, plus the Washington State Patrol) will be out in force looking for distracted drivers. 

This year’s distracted driving awareness month comes after news that fatalities from distracted driving increased by 32 percent from 2014 to 2015 in Washington, and a recent study by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission showing that 71 percent of distracted drivers are distracted by their cell phones – the most dangerous type of distraction.  Studies show that drivers are up to four times more likely to be in a crash when talking on the phone (hands free or hand held) and 23 times more likely to crash when entering information into their phones.

Under current Washington law, it is illegal to text or hold your phone to your ear while driving.  Violators pay a $136 minimum fine. 

In 2014, citations for illegal cell phone use while driving increased 197 percent, the last year for which data is available.  Says Ward, “While more tickets are issued during the patrols, people should know they can be ticketed any time.  More than 2,000 tickets just for cell phone use were issued in November of 2014.” 

The WTSC recommends that drivers adopt the following five common-sense rules: 
  1. Turn off your phone and put it in the glove box. 
  2. If you’re a passenger, hold the driver’s phone. 
  3. Don’t text or call a friend or loved one if you know they are driving. 
  4. If using GPS on your phone, plug in the address before you start the car and use a mounted phone holder. 
  5. Talk to family members (especially teen drivers) about the risks of cell phone use. Model responsible behavior by not using your phone while in the car. 
Washington law enforcement has been observing Distracted Driving Awareness Month with High Visibility Enforcement since 2014. 

The focus is a part of Target Zero, a statewide initiative to reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries on Washington’s roadways to zero by the year 2030.   The WTSC is also placing distracted driving ads statewide, showing the consequences of a teen who texts while driving a car filled with her friends.  You can see the ad here. Drivers can also learn more about distracted driving at http://wadrivetozero.com/.  

 “Our goal is that everyone will become more aware of the dangers of driving distracted. It only takes one driver distracted for a few seconds to wreck lives forever.  We can avoid that – we just have to turn our phones off and turn safety on,” Ward said

These extra patrols are part of Target Zero —striving to end traffic deaths and serious injuries in Washington by 2030

6th Annual Kent Turkey Challenge

Bell Anderson - Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Prevent Food Waste in King County

Bell Anderson - Friday, February 26, 2016
Become a King County Master Recycler Composter (MRC) this Spring -- Applications Due March 18

Did you know that Americans waste about 25 percent of all food and drinks we buy? Food waste is a growing problem in the US, costing families an average of $130 every month. In landfills across the country, wasted food contributes to climate change, generating nearly one quarter of methane emissions in the U.S., a potent greenhouse gas.

You can make a difference by learning how to prevent food waste at home. King County is offering a FREE training, provided by Seattle Tilth staff, about food waste prevention and curbside composting. In exchange for the training, program graduates volunteer to teach others in their communities.

The MRC training includes three Saturday sessions starting on March 26 at the Kent Senior Activity Center (600 E Smith St, Kent).

After the training, volunteers put their training to work, helping friends, neighbors and community members prevent and reduce food waste. Outreach takes places at a variety of community events and locations, mostly in South King County.

Find out more and apply today. The deadline for applications is March 18.

The Master Recycler Composter program is a King County program managed by Seattle Tilth.


Don't Miss March's Board Training Seminar

Bell Anderson - Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Golf Outing Sinks a Hole-in-One Raising more than $156,000 for the American Brain Tumor Association

Bell Anderson - Thursday, December 03, 2015

 Source: http://www.abta.org/about-us/news/press-releases/golf-outing-sinks-a-NARPM.html

 National Association of Residential Property Managers names the ABTA its charity partner at annual golf tournament

December 2, 2015

The American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) is pleased to be selected as the 2015 charity of choice for the National Association of Residential Property Managers’ (NARPM). More than $156,000 was raised recently at the NARPM 6th Annual Past Presidents’ Charity Golf Tournament in Atlanta.

“With support from organizations like the NARPM, we can further our goal of understanding brain tumors and help physicians, patients and their families to effectively manage a brain tumor diagnosis,” said  Chris K. Swope Cholewa, chief advancement officer, American Brain Tumor Association.

The NARPM charity golf tournament leveraged the ABTA’s newly designed fundraising program, Breakthrough Your Way, to support their giving goals. On October 16, 2015, the NARPM presented donations to the ABTA at their dinner reception for their annual convention and trade show in Atlanta.

“Our selection of the American Brain Tumor Association stems from the outpouring of care and support from our members, some of whom were directly impacted by a brain tumor,” said Gail S. Phillips, CAE, executive director, NARPM. “These personal connections are what makes all the difference in supporting our giving goals.”

Tony Drost, 2011 Past President and Fred Thompson, NARPM 2009 Past President co-chaired the golf tournament which was held Oct 13 at The Golf Club at Bradshaw Farm. Thompson is a 23-year brain tumor survivor. Vickie Gaskill, NARPM 2010 Past President lost her husband after a short battle with brain cancer, and Darryl Karan, an active member of NARPM, was diagnosed with a brain tumor this past spring, and passed away this summer.


Breakthrough Your Way, the ABTA’s event planning program, provides individuals, groups and organizations across the country an opportunity to host fundraising event tailored to their interests and passions, while taking advantage of the resources and information available on the Breakthrough Your Way online portal at www.btyourway.org. Events may include hosting athletic events, dinners/galas, tribute/memorial, birthday celebrations and any number of personalized fundraising events. To register an event, visit www.btyourway.org or call 773-577-8765.


Founded in 1973, the American Brain Tumor Association was the first and is now the only national organization committed to funding brain tumor research and providing information and education on all tumor types for all ages. For more information, visit www.abta.org or call 800-886-ABTA (2282).

American Brain Tumor Association Update

Bell Anderson - Friday, August 21, 2015

Bell-Anderson made a commitment in 2015 to partner with the National Association of Residential Property Managers  to raise money for the American Brain Tumor Association in memory of Tim Gaskill, our broker's husband and co-owner of the company. Through raffles, potlucks, a huge parking lot sale, payroll deductions, selling T-Shirts and sending letters to friends, family and clients, we are pleased to announce that we have raised $6,805.24 for the ABTA! At the beginning of the year, our broker, Vickie Gaskill, made a commitment to match whatever the company raised. With the matching funds Bell-Anderson & Assoc., LLC, will be sending in a total of $13,610.48 to the American Brain Tumor Association. How exciting is that?! We would like to send a HUGE thank you to all of our clients, vendors and friends who have participated in our fundraising efforts - your support means so much to us!

 The Charity Parking Lot Sale


Vickie, Dawn and Carrie with Orange Peel (Tim's hot rod)


 Dime-a-Dip Potluck


Bell Anderson - Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Shared by our broker, Vickie Gaskill, former attendee and current volunteer for CfR.

Please consider joining Casting for Recovery on Saturday, March 21, 2015 from 6-9 pm for their first ever Fish Tales & Ales Fundraiser taking place at Flycaster Brewing in Kirkland, WA. Tickets are $60 and include heavy hors d’oeuvres, complimentary drinks, music, silent and live auctions.

The mission of Casting for Recovery is to enhance the quality of life of women with breast cancer through a unique program that combines breast cancer education and peer support with the therapeutic sport of fly fishing. They do this by providing a no-cost 2 1/2 day fly fishing retreat each year and cover the cost through various fundraisers.


Charity Projects: Little League & Fire Relief

Bell Anderson - Tuesday, February 10, 2015

At the beginning of 2014, Vickie and Jen chose "giving back the community" as the theme for our 51st year in business. Since then, Bell-Anderson has donated over $16,000 to local charities and organizations that were chosen by our staff. The staff members of Bell-Anderson were given funds to donate as they chose and here are a few stories of what they did with them!  

Dawn Hardley, ARM®, RMP®, Residental/Commercial Property Manager

I chose Kent Little League because they bring families together for an all American pastime, right here in the heart of our community. My son plays for Kent Little League and when I saw the condition of their scoreboard, I asked the one of the KLL staff members when it had been installed. He said it had been at least 15 years, so Bell-Anderson & Associates donated money to replace the scoreboard on Kent Little League’s Ryan Bruner Field #2.

Shannon Richardson, Bookkeeper for Corporate, Apartments and House Rentals

 I sent my funds to the Okanogan County Community Action Council in support of the victims of the Carlton Complex fire last July. My family and friends and I were in Chelan Falls during the worst of the fire. We saw many fire trucks and numerous buses loaded with firefighters heading in and out of the fire zone. My best friend and goddaughter were stranded in Twisp for the night and only due to superb timing were they able to get through the road blocks to get down to where we all were. Being so close (a group of the guys had a tee time the morning that the golf course was overcome by the fire) and hearing what my friend saw of what was left of houses on her drive down from Twisp really made it very real. So many people lost everything but what they could grab while running out the door to their vehicle. I really felt that I needed to do what I could to help this area that was so totally devastated by the fire. We are so fortunate on this side of the mountains to not have to deal with fires like the fires that happen every year on the east side of the mountains.


Charity Projects: Backpack Buddies & KentHope

Bell Anderson - Tuesday, February 03, 2015

At the beginning of 2014, Vickie and Jen chose "giving back the community" as the theme for our 51st year in business. Since then, Bell-Anderson has donated over $16,000 to local charities and organizations that were chosen by our staff. The staff members of Bell-Anderson were given funds to donate as they chose and here are a few stories of what they did with them!  

Jenise Doty, CMCA®, Community Association Manager/ Real Estate Sales

I donated to Rotary International-Covington to help purchase food items for the “Backpack Program”. Each needy Kent elementary and Jr. High child gets a backpack with food which eases hunger for the weekend. I partnered with my co-worker Stephanie Durham for this donation. We each made a donation and Stephanie and her son helped the Rotary pack food in the backpacks one evening.


Secondly, I donated to Step by Step. “Step by Step brings hope and health to these vulnerable women by providing the resources and support they need to deliver a healthy baby, embrace positive parenting, and establish a safe home.” Bell-Anderson's donation will help put a supply of baby items such as blankets, diapers, safety car seats and other things to the moms when they leave the hospital with their new baby. For more information regarding this organization please go to www.stepbystepnews.org.

Stephanie Durham, CMCA®, Community Association Manager

I chose KentHope Women and Children’s Day Center. They provide transportation from the local shelter to their center where women and children are fed nutritious meals and offered shower facilities, computers and a quiet place to lay their head to get a restful sleep for a short few hours. They also provide clothing and assist the women with daily life skills including a job search and resume preparation.  Some are fortunate enough to gain employment and move into the transitional housing that is located on the same property.

I chose it because KentHope is a great program made up of primarily volunteers. No one, and especially not women & their children, should be left on the harsh streets of our city to fend for themselves for food and shelter. KentHope does a fantastic job and this is a really needed program.

In addition to a monetary donation, Andrew and I prepared and served dinner to everyone in December! It was really fun; everyone was so grateful and polite. I had the opportunity to sit and have dinner with the women there. This was really an eye opener for me and made us both appreciate even more the privileges we have. I also delivered donations I’d gathered of clothing, shoes, outerwear and toiletries the week of Christmas! They are always looking for volunteers to provide meals, volunteer in their clothing sort room and or to provide any skills such as computers, reading etc.

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